“Why don’t you guys make me cut out all my carbs and train every single day?”
That’s a question we get asked a lot at LivFit.
When people see the results our clients get, they often assume we’ve helped them get those results by putting them on a strict, low-calorie, zero-carb plan, with tonnes of exercise.
But that’s never the case.
Take Gary for example.
He came to us, worried that he’d have to completely overhaul his lifestyle to get the results he wanted.
But so far, that’s not been the case. And we don’t plan on making him do that either.
Through small, sensible, manageable changes, Gary has got some incredible results so far, and we’re immensely proud of him.
To find out more about his journey, just watch this 45-second video, then fire over any questions. We’re always happy to help.
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