“I used to do a lot of running, but that never seemed to get the weight off me.”
That’s what John told us when he first came to LivFit.
Like a lot of guys, he thought cardio was the way to burn calories and get the body he wanted. So he was incredibly frustrated when hours spent pounding the pavements didn’t result in the physique changes he was longing for.
When he first started training here, he was surprised at how we did things.
We got him to lift weights. We massively reduced how long he was training. And we didn’t give him a super strict meal plan.
But the results?
Well, you can find out exactly how he got on in this short video.
Unlike other gyms and trainers, our approach is not one of beasting clients until they can’t move. We train SMARTLY, and program everything for the individual, working in training and nutrition around their lifestyle and career.
So take a watch of the video, and feel free to send us any questions. We love hearing from people.
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