“I’m 50 in 2 years, and I just want to make a change.”
These were the exact words Mandy said when she first stepped through the doors at LivFit.
She’d tried so many different diets, and pretty much every type of exercise you could imagine, but was still struggling with her body.
Despite putting in the effort and doing everything ‘right,’ the results she wanted still eluded her.
But now?
It’s a whole other story.
As well as losing the weight she wanted, Mandy feels more confident. She’s supported, motivated, and has a new, second family here at LivFit.
She told us –
“I feel so much better. I’m fitting back in clothes I haven’t worn for years, and I’m actually proud of myself.”
To hear more from Mandy, and how she achieved these brilliant results, just take a watch of the short video below.
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