“I’d tried all different diets. I’d been on Weight Watchers and Slimming World, and even hired personal trainers, but none of them had worked.”
That’s what Paula said to us when she first came to LivFit.
It’s a similar story for most of our clients.
They’ve done the traditional commercial diets, or tried things like Atkins, Joe Wicks, low-carb plans, or even juicing, but never seen the results they wanted.
Often, they’re sceptical of our approach. And rightly so, because the way we do things is incredibly simple, and doesn’t even feel like a ‘diet.’
But once they get going, and see how easy everything is to stick to, as well as seeing first-hand how much the support and encouragement helps them stay on track, they’re completely converted.
To see just how well Paula has done so far, and learn more about how we do things at LivFit, just take a watch of the short video.
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