Ever stuck to a diet 100%, only to find it STILL didn’t give the results it promised?
Or that it went okay for a bit, then you hit a plateau, before completely falling off the wagon?
If so, that’s normal.
It’s exactly how Paul felt.
Before coming to LivFit, he’d tried pretty much every diet under the sun, always with the same result –
He’d lose a bit, hit a wall, then gain everything back … and often even more.
He was apprehensive about LivFit at first, because our approach wasn’t one of low-calorie diets, or hours and hours of exercise.
But 8 weeks in?
He’s loving it. And never looking back.
Paul said –
“There’s a lot of encouragement from the guys. And because I’m seeing results, I’m actually sticking with it.”
He DID tell us he’s a bit annoyed, because some of his designer clothes are now way too big for him. But that’s a trade-off he’s willing to make!
To find out more about Paul’s journey, just take a watch of the video below.
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