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The Biggest Loser

6 Week Challenge

The Ultimate Fitness & Fat Loss Challenge from South Liverpool Personal Trainers Felicity & Michael Molloy
Let’s Do This!
6 Weeks To Kick Start Your Health & Fitness

Make Health & Fitness An Ingrained Part Of Your Life!

Intimidated By Gyms And Fitness Trainers?  Confused About How To Make Healthy Meals?  Fed Up With Feeling Heavy And Out Of Shape – But No Idea How To Get Started?

South Liverpool’s Friendliest Fitness Solution

Supportive Community, Life Changing Results!

Run by husband-and-wife Liverpool Personal Trainers Michael & Felicity Molloy, The Biggest Loser is designed for people who want to start their fitness and weight loss journey the right way – and get into great habits for life.

No fads, no stress, no pressure! We give you everything you need to make incredible progress – then keep going.

For the first time The Biggest Loser 6 week challenge can be done in the GYM or at HOME online via Zoom – keeping you motivated and focused towards your fat loss goals.  We will provide you with the support, diet advice, workouts, accountability and motivation that you need to achieve the results you’ve always wanted. Sound good?

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Want To Become Someone Who Exercises For Fun?

Let Us Show You How

How do some people make exercise and healthy eating an effortless part of everyday life? You can be like that too! Let us show you how.

You don’t have to exercise for hours, or give up all the foods that make life a pleasure! It all starts with the Biggest Loser 6-week programme.

6 Weeks Of Friendly Fun Fitness In South Liverpool

Here’s What You Get!

Fitness Training

x3 45-minute small group training sessions a week. Choose from 8 a day (that’s 42 a week) between 6:15am and 8:30pm

Food Coaching

The other side of the coin – understand how to eat for fat loss without being on a diet (and get our famous recipe books)


Be part of something that changes how you think. We work with you to break down barriers and build your confidence about living a healthier life.


Learn how to exercise and eat for your goals with our guides and recipe books, online Q&As, and videos


You’ll see us 4 times a week (3 training sessions, 1 check in) and have access to the closed, private Facebook group


TBL manual, Eating For Fat Loss guide, and 100 Snacks Under 100 Calories guide – yours to keep


The Biggest Loser 6 Week Challenge is now Closed for this year. Join our pre launch list to be the first to receive exclusive discounts and offers regarding our next intake at the start of the new year.

Group Personal Training In Wavertree South Liverpool


Gyms & workout classes can be great, but we know they’re not for everyone. And they’re not the best place for a solid education about exercising & eating for your body.

The Biggest Loser training sessions (and our in-person weekly check ins) are held at our lovely private training facility on Alfred Street in Wavertree, South Liverpool. It’s welcoming and friendly – you’ll feel at home here!

This 6-week programme has already helped 200+ people like you in Liverpool and Merseyside. Want to be part of the next intake?

Real People, Life Changing Results!

Who Else Wants Results Like These?

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The Biggest Loser lasts 6 weeks. What you learn will set you up for life.

Ready To Learn How To Be Slim & Fit – For Life?

1) Before we start, you’ll get a copy of our famous Biggest Loser manual, packed with useful advice about fitness, health, exercise, and weight loss

2) We’ll send our Eating For Fat Loss Guide, which shows you how to eat for every stage of losing and maintaining weight (not just a short-term fix!)

3) Your Welcome Talk (in person – at our facility in Wavertree South Liverpool) is a chance to meet us and ask more questions

4) During your 6-week training programme, we’ll give you extra material about training, recipes, exercise, food, and healthy nutrition

5) You’ll quickly grow in confidence about exercising, being active, and choosing healthier foods

6) Leave with a rock-solid mindset so you can maintain your results and go even further. Or opt to stay with us on one of our other Personal Training programmes

It’s Time To


The Biggest Loser is NOT a weight loss group. It is an education for life. We promise to give you a fun and supportive environment, varied and motivating training sessions, and healthy habits for life. Being fit and healthy shouldn’t be a chore. Let us show you how.

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Is The Biggest Loser Right For Me?

Great! We want to show you how to fall in love with being active. Sessions are challenging but always doable for everyone in the group. You will get fitter and stronger together.

Don’t worry – everyone is in the same position. Your Personal Trainer will make sure each session is achievable so you get fitter at the right pace.

Most people who join The Biggest Loser are complete beginners or have not exercised for a while. We design the workout sessions so everyone can progress.

We are here to coach you. Training sessions will include cardio, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training using a range of equipment. We explain and coach everything and guide you every step of the way.

We don’t believe in diets – full stop. We will teach you about healthy eating so you can lose weight (if that’s your goal), get slimmer and fitter, and improve your health. We teach healthy habits and mindset – absolutely no fads!

Our app lets you choose from 42 training sessions a week (that’s 8 per day). Classes start early and finish late so shift workers, parents, and people with other commitments can join us. Everything else is online

No. We don’t believe that’s necessary for healthy eating and weight loss. We’ll show you how to cook and prepare nutritious meals that will benefit everyone in your family. We have a young child too – we know healthy living has to fit in with a busy life!

This Is Your Time

Ready to Join Us?

The next intake starts on Monday 2nd November! Reserve your place and be part of the family!

Join Us If You..

Want to get into the habit of exercising – but need it to be fun!

Know you need to tackle your health, weight, or fitness but don’t know how

Feel intimidated or put off by regular gyms or bootcamp-style classes

Want a fitness programme which teaches long-term habits NOT fads

Need a flexible exercise programme to fit your crazy schedule

Want a train in a group and have fun – all coached by a Personal Trainer

Need to get results – no more wasting time and going back to square one!

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A Note From Your Trainers

“We count ourselves lucky to have always been involved in sport and fitness. Both of us have been sporty since a young age – long before we met and set up as a husband-and-wife Personal Training business – and we know those active habits have set us up for life.

“But we also know not everyone is so fortunate. How are you meant to become one of those “active people” if you didn’t grow up that way? Health and fitness information can be confusing – and there are so many people with so many opinions!

“We wanted the chance to welcome people just like you into our world and give you the basics – the things every “naturally slim and sporty” person seems to know!

“That’s why we created The Biggest Loser programme. It shows how getting active in a fun and supportive environment can turn it into a habit you enjoy. We’ve helped 200+ people – with more joining us every few weeks.

“We care about your health and fitness, not how you look. We want the chance to show you how to be healthier for your kids, your hobbies, and your future. Fitness is fun, and being healthy is happy!

“Come and be part of something special. It could be the six weeks that changes the rest of your life.”

Felicity & Michael Molloy

Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in The Biggest Loser programme that we offer a full money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the service, and if you do not believe we have helped you get fitter, just let us know and we will refund you.

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