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The Trendiest Way To Workout From Home

Personal Training Zooms into 2020!

The start of 2020 came with high expectations, this was going to be the year we put our health and fitness first and after a very Merry Christmas, it was time to whip ourselves into action! – that was until a pandemic hit us and feathered our plans, but fear not the fitness industry has your back! Along came the birth of online training delivered via Zoom (the video conferencing platform)and ‘PE with Joe’ that had everyone leaping around their living rooms. It was a great way to get families working out together.

There just happened to be a few downsides.

Firstly, its great to workout from home, no travelling and so convenient, but how do you know you’re doing it right? Are you learning how to exercise or just having fun moving?

Any form of movement is great to start with, especially if you weren’t doing any before, but it doesn’t bring the same benefits that a structured workout plan would bring. Not before long the exercises that used to feel challenging will become easy and the workout less rewarding.

Secondly, ‘follow along with me’ workouts are great for having fun and improving fitness, but they won’t stop you reaching into the cupboard and munching your way through a pack of biscuits of an evening. That’s where accountability of working with a trainer and support of being within a small group really kicks you into touch.

We like to think we have found the bridge between the two, a personal training service delivered online. Introducing workouts coached and delivered via Zoom (the video conferencing platform). This is the new age way to train, and is ideal to fit a 30 minute workout in and around work. No worrying about commuting to and from the gym, all sessions are delivered from our home to yours.

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